KOOH Sports

KOOH Sports is a new age Sports Education, Training & Technology Company set up with a passion to get kids of today to embrace sports and more importantly a healthier life style. KOOH Sports aims to be present throughout the journey of a kid from early stage movement to being active for life and for a persistent few even turning professional at a sport of their choice. “Early stage movement to active for life” or “early stage movement to podium” is the central theme to what KOOH Sports has to offer. Our belief is that if one has to make a difference, one has to start at the grass root level and be present through the entire value chain to follow through the seeds you plant at the early stage.


Golden Heights School aims to provide quality skating instructions to interested students by certified, professional instructors, in a safe and fun environment. School understands that skating is an interesting sport and at the same time is a good physical and mental exercise. Students from class 1 and above start learning the game and are carefully taught as to how to get up and fall down while on skates. Students then progress to the fundamentals of skating, gliding and stressing balancing.



Tennis is an awesome sport that shapes a person’s character. It helps students automatically to learn and understand self-confidence, self-belief, patience, decision making, discipline and fair play. A big tennis lawn at Golden Heights School enables students to practise tennis at their leisure. Coaches and sports teachers at school help students to know basics of the game.


Aerobics is a form of physical exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines with the goal of improving all elements of fitness. Many dance techniques are used including ballet, jazz and disco. Dance aerobics help fuse fat-burning along with muscle strengthening and stretching. This kind of aerobics is slow and is simpler to follow. Students and teachers at Golden Heights really love this activity.



Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. It is a 5000 year old Indian body of knowledge. Administration at Golden Heights School is well aware of its significance and have made Yoga a compulsory practice for all students. Practicing Yoga daily helps shaping students healthy both physically as well as mentally. We have observed an improved potential, tolerance and mindfulness amongst students with Yoga practice. Trained teachers at School make it easier for students to follow Yoga poses and do it to a required extent.


School follows safe dance practices for students of all age. Apart from the obvious fitness, dance is sociable and easy to learn activity. Professional teachers at Golden Heights School trained students for different types of dances like Folk Dance, Bhangra, Jazz, Classical etc. Various dance competitions at School at regular intervals keep students challenged for learning new dance techniques.



Karate is one of the ancient Japanese martial arts, which has gained much popularity across the world. We find it important for children of all age for many reasons. Other than its being useful for self defense, practicing Karate, helps children grow composed and focused. Trained teachers at Golden Heights School, allow kids practice Karate in a very controlled manner. To encourage students enjoy Karate classes, we appreciate their efforts and grade them internally for first few years and once students learn enough of the art to participate in tournaments, then School endeavours to join tournaments and let students show their talent in such competitions. .


Music is an important feature of the school’s curriculum. In GHS, music is taught in a fun way so that we are able to encourage our children to pursue music in their lives. Research shows that music has the power to change the way one feels, thinks and behaves. No doubt that musical preferences are individual and personal, and some pursue classical , others folk or even pop music- Indian and western. In GHS, we offer our children the opportunity to develop this talent and follow their own individual soundtrack. They enjoy their music classes immensely and the singing at the morning assembly gives them the opportunity to perform before an audience.